Westmead Redevelopment Project

Westmead Connectivity Centre Launched

Multiplex officially opened the Westmead Connectivity Centre, an initiative to match job seekers with local employment opportunities and SkillME and Dress For Work are making themselves at home in the new centre!

Multiplex Regional Managing Director NSW David Ghannoum was joined by City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Andrew Wilson in a ceremony to officially open the centre. Mr Ghannoum said the Westmead Connectivity Centre would co-ordinate job opportunities and act as a hub for collaboration between a broad range of western Sydney service providers.

“This is a whole-of community response to the specific needs of western Sydney. We know unemployment is a major issue for local people, and access to quality candidates can also be a challenge for job providers. The Connectivity Centre is a free service that aims to bridge that gap. This is a place where local employers, government agencies, training firms and community groups can come together to create some real, long-term solutions for people disadvantaged through unemployment in this community.” - David Ghannoum


Mero Assist's Employment program's SkillME and Dress For Work will be one of many specialist employment and training groups to operate out of the centre, along with other organistions including Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES), Australian Training Company (ATC), Fusion Training, Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC), and yourtown.

The Connectivity Centre, formally occupied by Aging, Disability and Home Care, was renovated by a group of 10 indigenous people as part of a Prevocational Training Program co-ordinated by Multiplex. The group used the project as an opportunity to complete a number of their course components on site, and have since been offered formal traineeships with Multiplex.

Metro Assist look forward to forging new paths into Western Sydney with new partners and new people!