Did you know the Pap test has changed?

Did you know the Pap test has changed?

The Cervical Screening Test replaced the Pap test as the method of screening for changes that can lead to cervical cancer. Women are due for their first Cervical Screening Test two years after their last Pap test (with a normal result). 

The Cervical Screening Test looks for human papillomavirus (HPV), the virus known to cause cervical cancer in over 99% of cases.

The session will cover:
• Looking after ourselves and our health
• Information about cervical cancer
• Early detection signs

Light refreshments will be provided.

This session is organised by Metro Assist’s Cancer Screening Let’s Talk Project supported by Leichardt Women’s Health Centre, Wiley Park Public School SACS and funded by Cancer Institute NSW.

Time & Date:

9:00am - 11:00am
Tuesday 10 September 2019


Wiley Park Public School Community Centre
Denman Ave
Wiley Park NSW 2195

For more information contact:

(02) 9750 0144

(02) 9789 3744