SkillME Success story

SkillME client success!

At the beginning, I was an Electronic Engineer in China with 6 years’ working experience, to be more specific, I'm an FPGA engineer. I came to Sydney in June 2017. To my surprise, I found out that when I talked to people about my career, almost nobody had heard about it, and the job opportunities were slim as well. I tried to connect to agencies, searched jobs online and also tried to connect to people on Linkedin, all my efforts ended up to no avail. I was disappointed then and started questioning about my working ability, to make it worse, my physical health worsened as I lived with anxiety and dissatisfaction.


That period of time was my toughest and hardest moment in my life.


To share my story with you, it doesn’t mean successfully getting a job is the way out of hardship and misfortune. I’m trying to say, everyone has this kind of time in their life, the most important thing is how to deal with it when facing pressure. My narrow mind and mistakes had led to my poor health, both mentally and physically. It was time to make some changes. Of course I didn’t realise this on my own,  I got support from my family, friends and other people I had met from Meetups and activities, including my mentor Mina, who was introduced to me by Marjorie in the Skillme program. All of them encouraged me and tried to help me, which is a great fortune in my life.


So I stopped seeking jobs all day, and I started to enrich my knowledge and my life. I learned Machine learning on Coursera, I learned the programming language Python, and I learned a little bit of web programming. To my surprise again, luck finally came to me this time. I got an internship from a company, even the boss didn’t really know what kind of engineer I was, he only saw Python in my resume. I was happy to do this job without payment. At the same time, I met more people when I was trying to make my life colourful. The truth is, there will be more opportunities when you meet more people. I helped a professor at UTS do her software project, introduced to me by my neighbour, I even started preparing to apply for a PHD at the university when I met a professor who was happy to have me as his PHd student. 


Finally, I got an interview from my current manager, who said he wasn’t worried about my lack of C programming ability as I was a hardware programmer and got experience in writing Python and Javascript during my internship. Before my job, my lack of C programming experience was always the reason for my failed interviews.  Is it pure luck?


This is my story. I’d like to say to those who are struggling in seeking jobs as I did, please walk outside and meet people, enrich yourself, be happy, what's meant to be will be.


Thank you, and kind regards,


Thank you Maggie for sharing your story with us, we wish you all the best with your career, and know that you will be amazing, no matter what you are doing!