Building Positive Parenting Capacity Program for Chinese Parents, Carers and Guardians

The workshop will provide the following –
讲座内容包括 –
 • An understanding of the education system 教育体系简介
—knowledge of the syllabus and curriculum 关于课程与教学大纲
—different stages of schooling 不同教学阶段
—rights and responsibilities of parents and schools 家长和学校的权利和责任
• Child Development 孩子的成长
—brain development 大脑的成长
—disruption to development and its impact 中断正常成长的影响
—identifying and managing stress 发现并管理压力
• Supporting your child to succeed 培养成功的孩子
—School involvement 参与学校事务
—Relationship building with your child 建立良好亲子关系
—Identifying challenges 认识挑战
• Educational Pathways to the future 未来的教育途径
—Transition to school and high school 关于小学和中学的过渡转型
—What is Naplan, HSC and What does ATAR mean? 什么是NAPLAN, HSC, ATAR

Dates: Monday 27, Tuesday 28, Wednesday 29, Friday 31 March

Time: 10am-12pm

Where: Ashfield Library Study Centre - 260 Liverpool Road, Ashfield

These sessions are free but spaces are limited, please contact Suna Er 9798 1700
by 20 March to book
名额有限,请联系 Suna Er 9798 1700 by 20 March