免費廣東話慢性疼痛管理課程 Free Pain Management Program for Cantonese-speaking people

 多元文化健康服務,新洲臨床創新局以及皇家醫院疼痛診所(悉尼地區健康部) 及Metro Assist聯合舉辦一個為期六周的疼痛管理課程,以幫助患者應付慢性疼痛。

· 了解疼痛
· 處理壓力
· 吃好睡好以改善疼痛
· 運動不會令疼痛加劇
· 您患有疼痛超過三個月嗎?
· 疼痛會干擾您的日常生活嗎?
· 您可以獨立地走動嗎?
· 您能夠並願意參加這個為期六個星期的課程嗎?(每周一次,每次2.5小時,共六個星期。)
日期: 2017年9月19日 (星期二)
2017年9月27日 (星期三)
2017年10月3日 (星期二)
2017年10月11日,10月18日,10月25日 (星期三)
地点:艾士菲文娛中心,2號會議室 (艾士菲圖書館樓下)
260 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield
聯絡:由于名额有限,必需报名。请联络多元文化健康服务,Jennie 袁 电话:(02) 9562 0515



Do you have patients or know someone that:

• Has lived with pain for more than six months?
• Reports anxiety or depression related to pain?
• Is less physical or social due to their pain?
• Is aged over 18 years of age?

The Multicultural Health Unit is working in collaboration with Metro Assist, NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and Pain Clinic RPA Hospital to run a series of Community Pain Management Programmes to help people with chronic pain learn some ways to manage it.
Who: People with chronic pain persisting for longer than 3 months
When: 19th September (Tuesday), 27th September (Wednesday), 3rd October (Tuesday), 11st, 18th & 25th October (Wednesday)
Time: 10.00 am – 12.30 pm
Duration: This is a 2.5 hour weekly self-management program over six weeks
Venue: Ashfield Civic Centre, Meeting Room 2 on Tuesdays and Room 3 on Wednesdays, 260 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield
Cost: Free
Referrals are now being accepted. Registration is essential, to book a place please ring: Jennie Vien at (02) 9562 0515 or Suna Er at Metro Assist 9798 1700