Emergency Relief

We provide one-off Relief Assistance (Emergency Relief) to help people address immediate basic needs in times of financial distress or financial hardship through material or financial aid. 

What we can provide:
  • Food voucher (e-vouchers or voucher can be sent via mail)
  • Opal cards (online top off or via mail)
  • Chemist bill (directly paid to supplier upon receipt of invoice) 
  • Part-payment of utility account (1/3 of the overall bill, provided online)
  • Part payment of Telstra home phone and internet (sent via mail)
  • Budgeting assistance and/or
  • Referrals to other services that help to address underlying causes of financial crisis
Who can currently access Metro Assist Relief assistance?
  • Low income eaners who have been affected by Covid restriction  or not on any kind of government payment support
  • If you are experiencing DV
  • If you are experiencing homelessness or recently lost your employment
  • If you are experiencing immediate financial hardship due to any other reasons 

Our service is only available to the residents of below LGAs. 

Canterbury Bankstown 
Inner West 
Canada Bay
Georges River 
Bayside, and
Any of the COVID hotpsots in Sydney
If you live in other parts of the Sydney you can find the emergency relief providers from the Department of Social Services directory. Or we can help you find your local emergency relief providers in your area.


To assess your eligibilty, you need to provide us below documents:
  • Current ID that show your address such as driver licences, council rate or utility bills
  • Recent Banks Statement (3 months minimum requirement) or a letter of support by a caseworker that states they are experiencing financial hardship.
  • If seeking medical assistance client will need to provide the tax invoice/ medical bill/ pharmaceutical invoice
  • If seeking utility bill you will need to provide original bill that matches the support you are requesting for.

Please note that no cash payment are made to the client. All relief assistance is paid directly to the supplier. E.g. medical bill will need to show payment details which Metro assist can make payment direct to supplier.


How to make an appointment?

To book an online appointment contact us on  9789 3744 or 8709 0200.
Due to current restrictions, we do not book any face to face appointment. All supports are delivered REMOTELY