Youth Programs


SETS YOUTHRIVERS provides newly arrived young people holders of migrant, refugee or other humanitarian visas with settlement-related information, casework, advocacy, and assistance to access mainstream and other relevant services.

YOUTHRIVERS aims to support young people build meaningful connections to sustainably settle and build their capacity to successfully integrate into their local communities.

Who is eligible?

Young people (12-25) newly arrived migrants, refugees and humanitarians who have arrived in Australia within the last 5 years and who reside, live and/or work in Canterbury Bankstown and Inner West LGAs including Strathfield, Burwood and Canada Bay.

We offer a range of free services to young people including:

  • Casework, advice and advocacy
  • One-on-one and group awareness and information sessions
  • Ongoing workshops to build employability and general life skills
  • Community and Sports events
  • Group activities and excursions


Youth Programs

Employment Program

Under this program we deliver one-on-one or group sessions to upskill young people and help them be job ready. We offer support with resume writing, developing their interpersonal skills and their employability skills; we train them through mock interviews and teach them how to successfully do their job search and apply for jobs.

Driving Program

This program is for young people who got their Ls. They can benefit from up to 5 hours driving practice with an accredited instructor.

Homework club: to help young people complete their schoolwork in a productive and supportive environment.

Chit Chat e-café: 

a weekly online session through Zoom platform. Young people come together to discuss a topic of their interest in a friendly and non-judgemental space.

Info sessions

to help young people learn how to navigate the system and know what services are available for them and how they can access them. (ex. Mental Health and wellbeing, Centrelink services for young people, road safety for first time drivers, TAFE courses, Health services, ATO …). A guest speaker from relevant service is invited for each session.

School-based programs

Programs delivered in a school setting:

Dare to Be Sensible

Using a range of social and educational programs, the Dare to Be Sensible project aims to engage young people in activities that are safe, healthy and promote sensible choices with regards to social behaviour. 

Future Pathways

in partnership with Creating Chances -Employment skills focused program combining the practical delivery of the Creating Coaches program to aid the development of an individual toolkit to support transition into employment or further education.

Outreach: weekly or fortnightly visit to school to meet in person with young people and provide one-on-one support.

Casework: one-on-one support for young people to help them with information, advice and/or referral.

For referrals or registrations, please contact our Youth Worker on 9789 3744.