About Us

A socially just society that respects individuality, dignity and diversity and provides avenues for all people to fulfil their potential.


To empower individuals, families and communities of diverse backgrounds through innovative, professional and responsive services.

Our values

  • Caring We care for the wellbeing of our clients, colleagues and our community
  • Respect - We deliver our services in a non-judgemental way and treat our clients and colleagues with respect
  • Client focussed - We work to serve our clients and strive to resolve their issues in a professional, timely and appropriate manner
  • Honesty and integrityWe undertake our work in an honest, ethical and transparent way
  • Innovative - We strive to continuously improve the services we provide to our clients and to the community

What we do

Metro Assist (formerly Metro Migrant Resource Centre) provides a range of community services including migrant settlement, family support and early intervention, financial support, tenancy services and community development. Our service area includes Ashfield, Bankstown, Burwood, Canada Bay, Canterbury, Marrickville and Strathfield Local Government Areas.

The organisation was initially established as the Canterbury Bankstown Migrant Resource Centre in 1986 to assist new migrants and refugees settling in the Canterbury and Bankstown local government areas. With an expansion in the organisation's footprint to include the Inner West, the name was changed in 2008 to Metro Migrant Resource Centre. A broadening of services beyond migrant settlement saw a further name change to Metro Assist in 2010.  

Our unique position

From our origins as a Migrant Resource Centre, we have specialist knowledge of the experiences and needs of culturally and linguistically diverse communities. We hold a deep passion and commitment to advocacy and to promote diversity and social inclusion.

Annual report

Metro Assist 2017-18 Annual Report

Metro Assist 2018-19 Annual Report 

Metro Assist 2019-20 Annual Report 

Metro Assist 2020-21 Annual Report