The Complaints Process

We do our best to provide you with quality service. However, if you are dissatisfied with a service, or believe you have been treated unfairly, we want to hear from you.

Minor complaints

Most minor complaints can be resolved quickly through an explanation or an apology for any inconvenience.

Minor complaints include:
• failure to return a phone call;
• the absence of milk for the client’s coffee; or
• where a client is kept waiting.

We encourage you to first raise your concerns with the staff member providing the service to you. If you do not feel comfortable speaking to the staff or if you are not satisfied with the explanation or apology, your complaint should be referred to the staff member’s supervisor or the Manager of the service. If still dissatisfied, you are invited to fill out a Complaints Form.


Serious complaints

 1. These should be in writing

More serious complaints should be in writing, providing information so that your complaint can be investigated. Complete a Complaint Form and return it to the Manager of the service.

If your complaint is about a Manager/CEO, it will be dealt with by the most senior officer within our service:

Metro Assist Ltd.
Level 2, 59-63 Evaline Street

You can mail your complaint to the above address, or email it to

If you need assistance completing the form, you can ask for help from a staff member not involved in the complaint. Staff will note on your form that they have completed it on your behalf from the information supplied by you.

If you prefer, you can take the Complaint Form home to complete, then return it to Metro Assist. You may complete the form in your first language if you wish.


2. Your complaint will be treated confidentially

To investigate your complaint we will need to talk with the people involved and we may sometimes need to seek professional advice. Your complaint will not be discussed or shown to anyone outside our service unless it is necessary to resolve the complaint. Your approval will be asked to undertake these inquiries.


3. Complaints about the staff conduct will require a written response from that staff member

There are usually two sides to a story and to be fair, a staff member must be able to present their side of the story. If what is said points to a misunderstanding, this can be discussed by you and the staff member, in the presence of the person investigating your complaint.


4. Your complaint will be investigated

Within seven days (7) of receiving your complaint, the Service Manager will make inquiries about the circumstances of your complaint and talk to anyone who either saw, or was involved in, or can provide information about what happened.


5. You will be informed of the progress of your Complaint

The Manager will contact you as soon as possible after the investigation to invite you to discuss your complaint in person together with the relevant staff member.

The Manager will explain:
• The reasons why your complaint has been upheld or dismissed, and
• Options to address part or all of the complaint.

As far as possible, you will be involved in developing a fair outcome in response to your complaint.


6. You have a right to re-consideration if dissatisfied with the proposed response

If you are not satisfied with the findings, or suggested resolution, there are two options for your complaint to be reconsidered.

Firstly, your complaint will be reconsidered by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Metro Assist who will assess your complaint together with a written report of the investigation prepared by the Manager of the service. You will be entitled to a copy of the report. The CEO can make a fresh decision on the finding.

If you're still dissatisfied with the decision, you can ask the Metro Assist Board to reconsider your complaint. The complaint will be reviewed by the Board in conjunction with all reports.

You can ask for your complaint to be reconsidered by contacting the CEO of Metro Assist on 02 9789 3744.


7. You have a right to have your complaint considered free from retribution

Any form of retribution by a staff member towards a client arising from a complaint is not tolerated at Metro Assist. If a staff member is found to have acted in retribution, in any form, they will be subject to disciplinary action.

Disciplinary action can include suspension of any staff member who is alleged to have acted in retribution towards a complainant until it can be established whether retribution has actually occurred. If you believe you have been or are being punished for making a complaint, contact the CEO of Metro Assist immediately on 02 9789 3744.


Our Approach to Complaints

Our aim is to always provide the best possible standard of service to our clients.

Complaints will be handled:
• Seriously, confidentially, and as quickly as possible
• In a way in which you don’t experience repercussions from having made a complaint
• in a way where the result is fair to you, the service, and its staff

If you raise a concern with us and feel we have not managed your complaint in a timely and fair manner or have not provided you with an adequate explanation of any decision, you may take your complaint to the government department that funds the service. You may also contact the below listed independent external agencies.

NSW Ombudsman
P: (02) 9286 1000 or 1800 451 524

The Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW
P: (02) 9268 5544 or 1800 670 812

Commonwealth Ombudsman
P: 1300 362 072

NSW Information and Privacy Commissioner
P: 1800 472 679

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
P: 1300 363 992

Download the Information Brochure for clients on the Metro Assist Complaint process.