Domestic and Family Violence Support

Domestic and Family Violence Support

Under our Settlement program, we provide comprehensive support to victims and survivors of domestic and Family Violence DFV; targeting specifically newly arrived migrants and refugees who have been in Australia for 5 years or less. This cohort is particularly vulnerable because even when they understand the dynamics of DFV, they hardly speak about it due to multiple barriers.

Our support includes:

  • Primary prevention & early intervention: educating, raising awareness and building resilience  to prevent DFV. We run weekly cultural women circles, men’s groups, youth programs… We work closely with 4 communities (Bangladeshi, Arabic speaking, Chinese & Vietnamese)

  • Casework, advocacy and referrals through one-on-one support to help clients escape the abusive relationship (working closely with Police, women’s refuge and legal services) or rebuild their lives post-DV and get through the trauma they have experienced.

  • Capacity building through our different programs: financial support, digital literacy, English classes, job readiness, driving program, life skills workshops and pre-employment programs. The aim is to give hope and ensure new beginnings for our clients.