Assisting families through the COVID-19 crisis 

Anna is migrant mother of four children who came to Metro Assist for assistance with paying her bills. Both Anna and her partner were working and providing for the family. She worked in nursing home, which she enjoyed, but she was forced to resign in January 2020. The reason for that was her long three-hour commute that left her kids alone while her partner was working.

Her partner’s income was sufficient for them to live on so they made the decision to live on one income while Anna took care of the kids and household. However, when COVID-19 escalated in Australia it impacted the entertainment industry, and as a result Anna’s partner lost his job overnight.

We are supporting Anna and her family through this challenging period by issuing them with food vouchers and paying the utility bills while they wait to receive their COVID-19 Centrelink benefits. We have also offered to help with their tenancy situation.  
In the meantime, the family is making ends meet and although the situation is challenging, Anna is still smiling and is able to see the positive side to all this because all family is safe and together at home.

* Name and image has been changed to protect the client's identity