Client Story: A Mum's Hardship

"I'm really glad to share with you my experience with Angelina jha Trajkova. I came Australia in January this year with my family and unfortunately I got into situation of domestic violence and separated from my husband. It was really hard for me to take care of my 2 year old in new place with no job. I was really facing hardship and totally hopeless from any kind of help from anyone but suddenly I came into contact with Angelina and she not only helped me a lot but also encouraged me in every situation. She helped me to rebuild my lost confidence too. She is really a good human being and I'm sure, she would always help people just like me. I don't have any friends except 1 in India but now I've Angelina as a really good friend. She deserves more appreciation than this. She'll be always in my prayers. Your firm is really lucky to have such good people like Angelina."

- Aliyah Ali, Migrant from India
*Name and image has been changed for client's protection