Launch of Cervical Screening Language Resources

At a time when COVID-19 is foremost in our minds and we are all doing our part by taking extra precautions, don’t ignore other regular health check-ups and potentially life-saving screening appointments.

Cervical screening is critical in preventing cervical cancer, and this is one reason why Australia has one of the lowest rates of cervical cancer in the world. However cervical screening is lower in many culturally and linguistically diverse communities.


With the support of the Cancer Institute NSW, the ‘Let's Talk’ project delivered by Metro Assist has been aiming to change perceptions and misconceptions around cervical cancer and promotes the life-saving importance of cervical screening among migrant and refugee communities.


‘Let’s Talk’ brings the conversation directly into women’s groups and networks at the community level and explains about cervical cancer and the importance of cervical screening, while addressing cultural barriers.


Project coordinator, Ms. Moushumi Martin, says that "no one could have predicted COVID-19 when ‘Let’s Talk’ started in 2018 and its impact on everyday life."


“If you are due or overdue for a Cervical Screening Test, it is important to contact your GP to discuss having this done, even at this time”.

“Cervical screening is a highly effective way of preventing cervical cancer and saving lives”, said Ms. Martin.

Metro Assist has developed a fact sheet and videos on cervical screening for multicultural communities which were developed in consultation with community leaders and advisory members of the Let’s Talk project. The fact sheet is available in Arabic, Chinese and Indonesian and the videos in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

Watch the new language video's here: 

Cervical Screening Resources in YOUR Language

Urdu Cervical Screening 
Hindi Cervical Screening 
Bengali Cervical Screening 
Arabic Cervical Screening 
Chinese Cervical Screening 
Indonesian Cervical Screening 
Vietnamese Cervical Screening 

Read the new fact sheets in your language: 

View in English 

View in Arabic

View in Indonesian 

View in Chinese  

For more information on Let’s Talk, please contact Ms. Moushumi Martin on or call Metro Assist on 02 9789 3744.