Black Box Parenting Program

Black Box Parenting is a gentle and supportive program created for parents experiencing conflict, domestic violence and other challenges. The program helps parents improve their relationships with their children and build on their parenting skills.
This program has 5 workshops every fortnight - it's best to attend all 5. There will be a phone call in between each session.
The skills learned in this program have the goal of creating a safe space for participants to reflect on their life and identity as a parent using creative, symbolic storytelling processes while also learning about attachment, emotion coaching, and behaviour management.
Some of what will be covered:
  • -Foundations of Therapeutic Caregiving
  • -Exploring Attachment
  • -Understanding how best to respond to challenging behaviours
  • -Behaviour management
  • -Emotion Coaching
This program will be delivered by staff trained in this technique who have holistic and varied experience working with children, people with disabilities, families, youth, carers and diverse communities.
Registration Essential! Pre-session meet up:
Wednesday the 24th of July at 1pm – 2pm

31/07/24 (Session 1)
14/08/24 (Session 2)
28/08/24 (Session 3)
11/09/24 (Session 4)
25/09/24 (Session 5)
Please note that this workshop is for parents and carers of children who live/go to school in Marrickville and the surrounding Inner West, inclusive of Strathfield, Burwood, Canterbury, Campsie and Canada Bay. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lindy on 02 9558 4036 or via email:
This program is delivered in partnership with Metro Assist and Connect Marrickville for Parents and Carers of children, adolescents and young people.

Marrickville West Primary School

Beauchamp St, Marrickville NSW 2204,


To register, contact:

Zoe Chan

(02) 9789 3744


Registrations essential: