Community Well-being – January News

Metro Assist was actively engaged in various initiatives promoting community well-being and support, this month. Metro Assist collaborated with the Probashi Bangladeshi Women's Association to host a mental health workshop, led by renowned psychologist Mr. John Martin. In partnership with the Canterbury Bankstown City Council, Metro Assist organised a beach outing for mothers and children affected by domestic violence, providing much-needed respite. And the Kick, Hit & Bond soccer tournament brought together 50 children for a day of sports and camaraderie.

Mental Health and Well-being Workshop

The Probashi Bangladeshi Women's Association organised a significant workshop in partnership with Metro Assist, focusing on the mental health and well-being of parents and children. Led by the renowned Bangladeshi Australian child psychologist, Mr. John Martin, the session engaged 50 participants.

The workshop aimed to overcome obstacles to a healthier and more supportive upbringing by addressing challenges that children face daily, such as academic pressure, social dynamics, and emotional stressors. Emphasizing the pivotal role of parental influence in shaping a child's mental health, the workshop sought to empower parents with insights on creating a positive home environment and ultimately fostering the overall mental well-being of their children.


Cronulla Beach Trip

In partnership with Canterbury Bankstown City Council and as part of “free Bus to the beach” initiative, Metro Assist organised an outing to Cronulla Beach for mothers and children last week. The outing provided victims/survivors of domestic violence a chance to break free from social isolation, fostering new connections and positively impacting their mental wellbeing.


The participants, including caseworkers and clients, experienced the magic of the beach and a sense of unity was created. It didn’t matter the differences in age, culture, language, or religion, the day was filled with simple joys like swimming, building sandcastles, and laughter, creating a shared, familial bond among everyone involved.


Kick, Hit & Bond Soccer Tournament

Metro Assist brought 50 kids aged 7-16 together at Graf Park, Yagoona for a day of soccer fun on Jan 24, 2024. The event featured coaching sessions, a thrilling grand final tournament, and a presentation ceremony graced by Mayor Bilal El-Hayek and Metro Assist CEO Nina Shahi.


Winning teams proudly received trophies, and all participants were honoured with medals. The day ended with a BBQ, fostering a sense of community and highlighting the importance of sports in promoting integration and teamwork among future leaders. Thanks to all participants, parents, and Mayor Bilal El-Hayek for making it special!